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        Before collecting, remove and remove dust first and then dry it in a cool and ventilated place. It is best to iron it conditionally, so as to prevent borers from breeding and propagating, so as to achieve the purpose of killing insects and sterilization. All kinds of woolen garments should be stored in the wardrobe with a coat hanger, no suspension conditions, use the cloth on the upper trunk. At the time of storage, try to return to the outside. There are two advantages in doing this: one is to prevent decoloration of weathering; two is more beneficial to moisture-proof and moth prevention.

        Pure wool acid afraid of alkali, easily destroyed by insects, and camphor and naphthalene are effective insect repellents. Put mothballs or health ball with a cloth, or hanging around on the wardrobe in the cabinet, so that insects generally does not occur. Wool clothing should be stored in the ventilation, and according to seasonal changes and storage time, timely clothes to dry a few times. Long term seal but not ventilated is the main cause of worm moth.

        Buy iron clothing, whether there is a strong pungent taste and smell the clothes, if the feeling of eyes, nose, throat and a mild burning sensation, so most of the formaldehyde content exceed the standard of clothes, can not buy. Choose a small pattern of children's clothes when choosing, and the pattern is not very hard. For infants and young children to buy clothing, the best choice of light color clothing. The children dressed in dark clothing because of friction, easy to fall off the dye penetrate the skin, especially in infants and young children love into clothes, dyes and chemicals will damage the body into the child's body.

        Just bought back wash clothes, do not immediately hang into the wardrobe, the best first fully rinse with water after wear, reduce the formaldehyde content in clothing, but also to avoid the pollution of other clothes in the closet. Do not wear, the iron clothes hung in the air, especially not long wearing iron clothes. You are allergic to formaldehyde, do not wear clothing ironing. When wearing new clothes, if there are skin allergies, such as skin pruritus, contact dermatitis and other skin allergies or mood disorders, poor diet, continuous cough and other symptoms, it is necessary to consider whether clothes are discomforting and get to the hospital as soon as possible.


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