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      2. 您好,歡迎來到專業從事北京西服定做北京工作服訂做的紳凱服裝官網!
        電話 : 010-67959348
        手機 : 13691236158
        傳真 : 010-67959348
        QQ :  865115885
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      3. 灰色短袖工作服
      4. 灰色短袖工作服

        品 牌:北京紳凱服裝
        價 格:¥ 面議
        面 料:
        尺 碼:
        顏色分類: 灰色
      5.  產品詳情


        The beginning was not going to do with Roland carving, this process used in the customer's suggestion, the effect is really very good, and the price is relatively affordable, quality is also very good, very comfortable to wear in the body, the next will come to.


        For the first time on the internet evaluation, quality and style are very good, colleagues wear out to play, super feel, did not come and take photos, next time make up.

        這次買的一批衣服,xxs-xxl數量不等,共百來件,黑色大紅里邊經典款,耐看耐臟,跟實際很圖片差不多,沒有色差 賣家也很熱情和耐心,這里要很感謝導購員大雄,從購買前詢問,下單后制作效果圖等等都是第一時間打電話來確認和溝通,客戶至上 希望貴司的訂單越來越多!

        The time to buy a batch of clothes, xxs-xxl number, a total of 100 certificates, red classic black inside, look dirty, with the actual picture is almost no difference, the seller is also very enthusiastic and patience, here to thank Daogouyuan Nobita, asked from before the purchase orders, production renderings and so on are the first time to play the telephone to confirm and communication, customer supreme hope your order more and more!

        電話 : 010-67959348
        手機 : 13691236158
        傳真 : 010-67959348
        QQ :  865115885
        版權所有:北京紳凱服裝設計有限公司 京ICP備13036617號-3